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We are a school based in Brighton promoting the teaching and exploration of the Chinese internal practices Nei Gong, Qi Gong and Nei Dan and the Chinese Internal Martial Arts of Xing Yi Chuan and Bagua Zhang. We offer classes and workshops in Brighton and around the UK and Europe.


About Keith Simpson

I have been involved in the study of  Chinese internal arts for the last 35 years. After studying Japanese martial arts as a young boy I met my first teacher of Wing Chun who started me on this journey. I studied this art for 7 years, during this time I developed a deeper interest in exploring the Chinese Internal arts. After studying with a number of teachers of  Qi Gong, Tai Qi Chuan and Ba Gua I met my current teacher Roy Jenzen.  For the last 15 Years I have been training with Roy exploring Nei Fa (Internal Method), Xing Yi Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang and More Alchemical and shamanic practices. I have spent many years  living and trying with my teacher for months at a time. I started teaching as a senior student of Roy’s in 2010. Since then I have been teaching weekly classes, local and international workshops and retreats and Qi Gong at a number of UK colleges of Chinese Medicine.  I have been practicing Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Tuina and Chinese Herbal Medicine) for 30 years.

Xing Yi Chuan Brighton



 About Max St John

I’ve been drawn to Chinese martial arts since living in Hong Kong as a young boy. I began studying external styles of Kung Fu 20 years ago and as I got older became curious about and sought out the internal arts.

I joined the Internal Intent school in 2013 and have dedicated myself to the practice – having found a martial way that works much deeper than simply learning how to fight better or generate more power.

Studying with Roy, Keith and other senior students across Europe has been a transformational experience and I’m happy to be offering classes on the border of Devon and Cornwall.

Max St John