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Chinese New Year 2021 Workshop


Xing Yi Nei Gong


To celebrate the movement in to the year of the Metal Ox we will be holding a new year workshop.This is a traditional time for students and teachers of martial arts to come together to train and celebrate. Keith Simpson will be leading this workshop. Due to the present situation the workshop will be held online on Zoom and is open to all members of the school.

Date – Saturday 13th of February

Time – 09.00 gmt/10.00 cet – 13.00 gmt/14.00 cet

There is no charge for the workshop

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During the workshop we will be broadening and deepening our collective experience of the Nei Fa of the school. Working with our internal structure, through movement and breath, we will start to allow greater opening and release (Song) moving us towards that place of stillness within, which reflects the great universal stillness to which all chaos returns. Gradually through this endeavour we seek and allow true listening (Ting) “a sensitivity borne of source.” This stillness, is imbued with ‘not remembering,’ ‘not attaching’ ‘and not being,’ but becoming that which you are.

We hope that this will be an opportunity to hold and maintain the connections both old and new that have grown over the decades of collective practise of these ancient and precious arts.

For those new to these celebrations, and to the school , you may like to know that our School has for many years supported , and sometimes initiated, various wilderness-preservation movements in an endeavour to, at least on some level , mitigate the more transgressive human footprint on earth and beyond  :  the protection and preservation of the remaining species of tigers on our planet (not to mention dragons) , and of rhino and tusked elephants in Africa , and the mitigation of ‘scientific’ whaling;   closer to home (in Australia) , we have more recently supported the movement to preserve our native, old growth forests and the essential role they play in regulating the all pervasive and sustaining macro biome on earth, and all life forms upon it  :  you might like to know that a substantial portion of student fees, from all branches of our school ,are re-directed to these movements , as needed.   * If you would like to develop your connection to WAForestAlliance, and sign a timely petition , here’s the link  :

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