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Ireland summer Nei Gong Workshop 2019


Ireland Qi Gong Xingyi


Internal Intent UK is offering a weekend workshop exploring the practise of internal method Nei Gong and working with one of the classical Qi Gong sets the Five Primal animals. The workshop is suitable for beginners to this work and for more experienced practitioners of these arts who wish to deepen their skills and understanding.

The workshop will be held in the heritage town of Listowel at the Kerry Writers Museum, in the grounds of what remains of Listowel Castle by the banks of the river Feale.

Dates : 27/28th July 2019

Time: 0930-1630

Location: Kerry Writers Museum, The Square, Listowel

Cost: 80 Euros

For more information or to book please contact Elaine Nolan –


Nei Gong in Ireland


“Thinking and talking about the Integral Way are not the same as practicing it. Whoever became a good rider by talking about horses? If you wish to embody the Tao, stop chattering and start practicing.

Relax your body and quiet your senses.

Return your mind to its original clarity.

Forget about being separated from others and the Divine Source”


“Lao Tsu” via Jim


QI Gong Nei Gong

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