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Spring 2022 Workshops

Xing Yi Nei Gong

Online Workshop

Date – Saturday 26th of March

Time – 09.00 gmt/10.00 cet – 12.30 gmt/13.30

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An online workshop for those unable to get to the ‘minimax” in WA. We will be working with aspects of the Xi Sui Jing (Bone Marrow Washing).Looking at the interaction and interplay of the Nei Gong( internal skill) and Nei Dan(internal alchemy) phases within this extremely profound work

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Czech Republic

A three day workshop with the first day reserved for the more advanced students of the school.This will be the first ‘Live’ workshop since the beginning fo 2020. It will be an opportunity to re engage with each other in the real world and work together to hold our ”collective root A very necessary thing at the moment.

Dates: 6,7,8th of May 2022

Times and Location to be confirmed

For more information please contact Nikola Capla –


There will be a weekend workshop in Brighton in June. Dates and times to be confirmed


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